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            Location:Home > About > news > The 17 station project of Dazhun railway has been installed and put into use
            The 17 station project of Dazhun railway has been installed and put into use

            Dazhun railway is one of the three main projects of the national key construction project "Zhungeer project phase I project" in the eighth five year plan. Dazhun railway starts from Datong City, Shanxi Province in the East and ends at Xuejiawan, Zhungeer banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia in the West. The main line has a total length of 264 kilometers and passes through six flag counties (cities) in two provinces. It is the West extension of the formed "West coal transportation to the East" - Daqin line. It is a class I single track electrified railway. There are eight production sections and dispatching and command centers under it, including locomotive, vehicle, public works, power supply, vehicle, communication, signal and comprehensive service sections.

            The railway dispatching and command center has the functions of traffic information management, technical business support, data management, data monitoring and business management. The DLP large screen splicing wall can flexibly display the information of these functions, and can be divided into traffic management function area, traffic mode monitoring (subway, airport, maglev and high-speed railway) function area, safety prevention function area Relevant videos of passenger flow monitoring function area and GIS function area or computer graphics (emergency command, power monitoring, equipment monitoring) area of professional dispatching console and other display areas. At the same time, DLP large screen display system can arbitrarily adjust the size and number of functional areas on the integrated display screen according to the change of demand. From the perspective of the type of signal access, due to the complexity of the accessed signals, such as all kinds of video signals (including composite video signals of pal, NTSC, SECAM and other standard systems, or digital IP streaming video signals of compression standards such as H.264, MPEG-2 / 4 and MJPEG), all kinds of computer analog signals (VGA or RGB), which requires the processor to have powerful decoding function to meet the requirements of various signals accessing the large screen system for display. The system consists of display screen, processor and control software, and involves various third-party peripherals, which requires the system to have good compatibility.

            The transformation and upgrading project of Dazhun railway monitoring center involves the installation and transformation of consoles in 17 stations in total. After multiple screening and comparison, our console products have successfully won the bid, and have been installed and debugged and put into use. Well received by users.

            Since its establishment, Beijing Lianzhong console has been focusing on the console field for more than ten years, and has independently innovated many key technologies, pilot products and solutions. There are mature design schemes and successful project cases in the project fields of Intelligent Transportation Command Center, energy and mineral exploitation command center and public security command center, which contribute to the upgrading and development of intelligent command center in China.